Shamit Khemka – management is a meticulous job!

Shamit Khemka – management is a meticulous job

Shamit Khemka is a management adviser, IT mentor and true motivator who always stresses on self analysis and improvement. When asked about his suggestions and tips on better and efficient management, Shamit Khemka said, “management is a meticulous job where you have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

Let ideas come from all sides, analyze them and share the best ones with those who need them. A mind that is sharp enough to help resolve the issues faced by others can easily manage teams and people.

As a manager, you should focus more on helping your team improve by way of enhanced learning and group discussions rather than just fault finding. When you help them learn, you can expect outstanding results from them without creating stressful environment at workplace or elsewhere.”

Smart and efficient management is the key to success in business as well as in job.

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FoodCloud- Happiness is Homemade

Shamit Khemka FoodCloud

Foodcloud, an online portal that connects food lovers with home chefs.  Shamit Khemka co-founded FoodCloud for ordering home-made food. It is an online portal that provides you the option of ordering home-cooked food made by home chefs.

Shamit Khemka is well known entrepreneur as well as chef. He is also a well known name in global IT arena and has been associated with many technical forums and groups.

FoodCloud- Providing Home Cooked Food made with Love

FoodCloud Founder Shamit Khemka

FoodCloud is an online portal that connects foodies with home chefs. It is considered as one of the best place for you to find and order delicious home-cooked food. Anyone can choose from a variety of cuisines get delivered to your doorstep.

FoodCloud inducted in government’s “Start Up India Programme”. FoodCloud co-founder Shamit Khemka applaud the Government’s interest in Startups.

Shamit Khemka-Technically Sound Entrepreneur

Shamit Khemka is a technically skilled person. He brings along with him 22+ years of experience in various technologies and services.

He says, “Technology is a way to bring people together. It helps us to solve some of our greatest challenges in our day to day life.” As per him, the greatest benefit of technology is that it lets people to be productive as well as creative.

He is the Founder and Director of SynapseIndia as well as heads the technical advisory board at the organization. He regularly attends various technical summits and seminars throughout the world in order to stay up to date with the latest updates in the field of technology and software.

Shamit Khemka – Adventurous

Shamit Khemka is an adventure loving person. He loves to travel and explore various places throughout the globe. He believes that going on an adventure is very important as it helps to discover yourself and give you an idea of where you truly belong.

He says, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” He also promotes employees at his organization(SynapseIndia) to go on various adventure trips from time to time to stay healthy and fit.

As per him, going on various adventure trips has helped him become a better person in day to day life.

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Shamit khemka – Logical

Shamit Khemka believes in logical thinking. He states that anything can be achieved with a logical approach.

He promotes logical and innovative work-culture at his organization (SynapseIndia). He believes that hiring logical people is very essential for a company’s growth. He approach and discuss with people of his own group of companies in a logical way.

He also grooms the people in such a way that they start thinking logically and give better productivity. Under his guidance, SynapseIndia has emerged as a leading IT outsourcing solutions provider for clients globally.

He says, “Being logical helps you look past irrelevant detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.”

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Shamit Khemka as a Smart Worker

Shamit Khemka believes that smart work leads to success in daily life.

He says, “Work smart and passionately and you will be able to present your best self to the world.”

Shamit Khemka promotes smart work at his organization (SynapseIndia) and has automated every process at the workplace to streamline and systematically organize the data flow.

This also saves a lot of time as employees do not have to maintain any manual reports.

Lastly, he believes that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, it is very important to work smartly as it leads to higher productivity and increased ROI.

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SynapseIndia Management encourages team spirit at the organization

SynapseIndia Management 18

SynapseIndia Management promotes team spirit in the workplace and encourages employees to perform better at work.

SynapseIndia Founder Shamit Khemka is a great leader and mentor. He says, “A leader is a person who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. When you become a leader, it is all about growing people around you.”

Beside leading SynapseIndian, he also guides employees at other organizations to achieve the company’s mission and vision. He also participates in different strategic summits across the nation and contributes as a speaker.

SynapseIndia Management continuously guide the employees at the organization and ensure an innovative work-culture.

Shamit Khemka as a Religious Person

Shamit Khemka is not only a renowned IT entrepreneur, but also a great religious person and philanthropist. He participates in various religious events as well as visit many cultural and religious places throughout the country. He believes that the inner peace and calmness that we get at religious places always makes us stronger both physically as well as mentally in our day to day life.

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Knowledge is not only a public good, but a regional or international public good

Shamit Khemka says “To have a good management tomorrow, you should have better knowledge today”.
Your success is based on 3 factors: knowledge, skills and ability.

To be able, you should have skills.
To be skillful, you should have knowledge.

So knowledge plays a vital role in success.